The people of ward 8 celebrate Hon. Iyenimi Sling as "The Man of the People"

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We the ward 8 hereby deems it fit to present to our constituency, the local Government and the state as a whole. "A man for the people", honourable Iyenimi Sling. An indegene of Peremabiri Community, born in the late 70's in the city of Port Harcourt. He had his Primary and Secondary education in port harcourt respectively and his tetiary education in Bayelsa State.
There is the necessity to accord kudos to a person of high integrity, who made a man of himself by standing out. This is a pragmatist hence, applies proactive and pre-emptive approaches to issues. Based on these qualities, his personality was admired throughout his tenure of office in the southern Ijaw legislative arm of the peoples Democrative Party after being declared the winner of the 2010 councillorship election. Due to the leadership qualities embedded on him which were admired by his colleagues, he was elected deputy majority leader and later leader of the house respectively.
In conformity with his demonstrative policy, while in the legislative house, he executed projects in all communities he represented; rest houses were built in Peremabiri and Diebu respectively; directional sign post were constructed in all the four communities; thousands of exercise books were distributed to primary and secondary schools in his ward. all these projects were economically embarked upon with the allowances paid to him by the council. All boil down to his Philanthropic way of life.
The people of ward 8 could not pay him either in kind or in cash than to celebrate him as "The People's Councilor", a man of the people.
Apologizing doesn't always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.
  • If your vision is for a year, plant wheat
    If your vision is for ten years, plant trees
    If your vision is for a life time, plant people
  • If you want to get to the destination, you are going to, you don't have to stop and throw stones at every dog that barks at you.


Annabella: I’m Still A Virgin At 25

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She is a product of AMBO reality TV show and she tells whoever cares to listen that her virginity is still intact despite massive sexual harassment in the movie industry. The Adamawa State-born actress even boasts that nothing would make her lose her virginity to another man except her husband. Annabella Zwyndila, who was recently nominated for ZAFAA Awards as Best Upcoming Actress, opens up to The Entertainer about her virginity.

How were you able to overcome sexual urge in the university?

(Laughs) Listen, my dad taught us good morals. My father is an army officer, so I fear him a lot. In fact, I respect him a lot. He is not everywhere but he keeps his eyes on us. Even when I went abroad, he was not there but I didn’t misbehave. While I was in the hostel he was not there with me but the good morals he taught us have kept me till date.

As a virgin, how are you able to cope with temptations here and there?
Actually, that side of me is dead until I get married. Aside avoiding pre-marital sex, I am also a born again Christian and I fear God a lot. I can remember while we were growing up we had that lesson about sexually transmitted diseases and the fear of all those things really kept me away from sex. So, if I must have a relationship we must enter into agreement of no sex. It has to be a smooth relationship but if you feel you can’t wait and you’re so much in a hurry or your body is inching you, then propose. I have all those things in mind but thank God I have found someone who proposed. So, as a married woman, I’ll be free to do it and know I am not committing any sin