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Thursday, 10 August 2017

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Monday, 3 April 2017

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Nobody Like You - Paul Okotie
Soundcode Music Entertainment  presents Paul Okotie. An award winning urban rock gospel music minister and multi-instrumentalist drops his new single.

Use the link below to download.


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

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A Bayelsa popular graphics designer turns gospel singer. He dropped a single early December 2016 titled "Paid it all". Featuring Jaylen, younger brother of Baby-V of Barrister S. Smooth.


Wisdom Praise is a Bayelsan. Hails from Peremabiri town in Southern Ijaw LGA. He was born in the late eighties. 
The music ministry started late 2009 when he moved from the creeks to Yenagoa town. His mentor as at then was Mr. Seleipre Smith (Bayelsa Mass Choir MD 2009). 

He joined the Victorious Choir of the Holy Rock Church of Christ in 2010. Started as a drummer (learner) but his passion for music made him learn how to play piano in 2011 (leaner). 

As a result of his experience in handling electronics, was appointed to be the head of equipment in his local church. In 2012, he was appointed the music director of the choir. 

The position got him exposed to music, there he began to solo songs, compose, play, and even produced.  He has organised gospel concerts that featured the likes of Le Quatorse, Medlye, Lifted Emontonghan, Felicia Robert, Ebiano, E-Brown, Victor E and many others. 

The multi-gifted singer, song writer, producer and director is currently the president of the New Life Crew formerly known as Deep Roar Crew, the Music Director of the Beaulah (God's Delighted) Choir of HRCC Yenagoa and chief Executive Director of Wizfix Media House. "Always wishing you what you wish me".

This gospel single talks about the price Jesus paid on the cross for mankind.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

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Are you an instrumentalist, comedian, producer, DJ, tailor, fashion designer, pastor, bishop, prophet, businessman or an entrepreneur, or just an ordinary person, this offer is for you.
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This offer ends on Monday, October 31, 2016.
Terms and conditions apply.

1.       A nonrefundable deposit of 70% shall be made by client before the organization shall proceed with graphics or display of samples.
2.       Finished jobs shall be delivered on or before 24 working hours from the time of the deposit stated above (1).
3.       The organization shall print, laminate and cut PVC size and shape 150 pieces of complementary cards for the above named customer or person(s) authorized by the customer.
4.       The organization shall design a logo, print standard letter headed paper (A4 conqueror paper) amounting to 100 copies.
5.       Reduction of quantity or quality of prints or print materials requested by customer(s) shall NOT affect the stipulated Octo-Promo amount.

6.       Customer(s) shall complete approval form before the organization shall proceed with printing of Octo-Promo materials.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

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The Bayelsa State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party on Wednesday said the fear of defeat at the Bayelsa State Governorship Election Debate was why the All Progressives Congress candidate, Timipre Sylva, was absent at the forum.

The Director of Publicity of the Restoration Campaign Organisation, Jonathan Obuebite, said in a statement that having been properly invited by the organisers of the event, Sylva had no excuse to be absent.

Obuebite said the debate was an opportune forum for the APC candidate to showcase his vision and competence to move the state forward, if elected, but shunned it.

He said Sylva lacked the ability to grapple with issues of governance, adding that it was a major reason he could not perform as expected when he was governor of Bayelsa State for about five years.

Obuebite also claimed Sylva knew the PDP candidate, Seriake Dickson, would defeat him in the debate and was reliably advised to sit out the debate.

He stated that by his absence, Sylva had shown the people of Bayelsa State that he was not ready and capable to become governor and confirmed the party’s conviction that he lacked the right competency to lead, especially in a period of economic challenges requiring deep thinking and vision to make a difference in the lives of the people.

Obuebite said: “We have always stated the fact that Timipre Sylva lacked the vision and competency to be governor of Bayelsa State. So being absent deliberately at the Bayelsa Governorship Election Debate was a vindication of our conviction on this note. Of course, Sylva knew Governor Seriake Dickson will defeat him hands down on the issues of governance and development in the state and he cleverly stayed away. He just told Bayelsans he’s not ready and why the people have also rejected him ahead of Saturday’s election.”
Obuebite said Sylva’s action was an indication of how he will disappoint those he is promised federal appointments and lured into APC, but which he noted were deceptions

Saturday, 16 August 2014

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The Bayelsa State Scholarship Board has appealed to students of the state origin in higher institutions of learning in Nigeria to exercise patience as their bursary allowances would be paid very soon.

Chairman of the board, Foster Ogola, said in a statement on Wednesday in Yenagoa that Governor Seriake Dickson had redeemed his pledged in March by releasing N200 million for the bursary payment.

He explained that the payment, which would be in stages, is only for the 2013/2014 academic session.

Ogola informed the benefiting students that the online registration for bursary entitlement shall commence on Monday, August 18, via the Bayelsa State website:www.bssb-gov.com.

He noted that students of the state who are scholarship beneficiaries in the U.K. had received payments from the £1 million earlier released by the governor for their welfare even as their schools had also received their respective tuition fees.

Ogola said the governor had also approved another N200 million for part-payment of tuition and monthly upkeep entitlements for students of the state in all other countries except the U.K. and Nigeria.
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The headline is pretty noisy and hilarious I guess. Well, we named it.
An ex-militant, Paul Eris also known as OGUNBOSS has been making serious posts on his Facebook Wall.
Today, Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 2:57pm, we received another notification of his new update on his wall.

Read below the text.


Without vision the people perish, these were the words of our Almight Creator. 
Does people actually see or they do not even when their eyes are open? 
I guess is not all whose eyes are open that can see beyond their nose.
Look at Seriake Dickson, how do you categorize this autocrat? 

If Dickson actually had foresight as a Charge-&-Bail Lawyer, an Ex-Policeman & a Wrestling Champion, he would learned & shown experience than been autocrat.
Dickson's blunt attitude of governance is devoid of directness, a minus & sadist who found his perfect place in revile. 

Politics is sometimes tough when the man on the table does not feet the stand profile. 
When people arrogate politics with some form of arrogance, impose disrespect & look down on the electorates, the end result is a very short story to tell. 
You know what happens to birds who don't fly straight?

Dickson is autocratic, rude, peremptory in manners, & knows all but gives nothing in all. 
When did we turned democracy to monocracy & despotism?
Look at how Tonye Okio was put to detention like a common criminal in a system of democracy where rights of individuals are exercised in total freedom of speech? 
Look at Frank an Ex-militant Leader who had been in Okaka Prisons for over 2 years, disallowed from attending court, & family members. 

Frank was the man who rented buses for Dickson on his elections. 
In Southern Ijaw, it was myself, Joshua Machiver & the present Speaker Bayelsa State House of Assembly that brought our hard earned physical monies to assist modestly in rented boats. 

At Nembe, Chief James Jepthar alias (Black Jesus & Octopus) was the picture.
Dickson by then was surving on borrowed monies, & gifts, not even one hundred thousand Naira would he boast of, & today, because he stored monies in Indomine Cattons, he's bent on anybody who make media statements against his nepotist government.

A Government where Dickson is the Headmaster, the teacher, & the same time, the student? 
I have learned that people get opportunities even when they were wrestling champions, at times when no one would had nothing to do with them in society. 
People like Dickson who couldn't afford feeding his own mother, even as a Member of the Federal House of Reps.

Goodluck Jonathan carry walking stick give am, he carry am hit him Principal first, enter the teachers, even unto his own people, the students?
The worst form of DEMOCRACY is AUTOCRACY. 

A government that does not join on the very forms that could build lasting peace in our local communities? 
Now there had been guns all over the streets of Yenagoa. 
Politicians are afraid to talk, killings are on. 

Two days ago, persons were gunned down around Tombia-Round-About very close to a police check van.
For me, my story is not a new version, except you're a new person in Yenagoa. 
Twice have they attempted with police vans to take my life, & nearly there had been a gun battle between the SPU men attached to my company & the assasins. 
On my company site, we've been following up a Black Tinted Prado Jeep with no plate number, & unknown gunmen that went asking after me. 

All my houses in my village has been destroyed, & properties looted by S.A..Security & Remember Ogbe's task force men, four days ago my cousin was shoot in his speed boat for seen three 25 litres of empty plastic cans, in my village. 

The bullet also affected his private part, & had been hospitalized in yenagoa, but i laughed at them, since i am untop of the matters in Abuja, with my sound lawyer & friend Festus Keyamo. 

The IGP had ordered for an immediate investigation, & produce all of those who were involved. 
Governor Dickson is a fool, & will ever remain a fool at almost 50, for bitting the very hands, & Principal that crowned him. 
I don't know if he thinks he was better more than every other persons in Bayelsa, that brought him the opportunity?
Imagine how Civil Servants salaries are sliced, & Political Appointees, Roads abandoned, & billions are spent on Fashion Parades & AMAA Awards? 
This is a shame & sad story to tell.

But i advice you Bayelsans to take heart, 
Dicksons story will end a very short history to tell. 
My Name is Paul Eris (Ogunboss)" 

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